Central Coast Boy Explores Central Coast Food

California’s Central Coast, ranging from roughly Santa Cruz County down to Santa Barbara County, is a region distinct from other, more visited and famous parts of the state, overlooked and sometimes even unknown despite offering some of the same things that have made some areas quite acclaimed.

People may have heard of its golf, its dramatic coastline and landscapes, even its deep roots in early California history, but it often remains overlooked as simply what passes by as one drives between San Francisco and Los Angeles, either on the coast on Highway 1 further inland by way of highways 101 or 5.

Its wine is finally getting the rich and deep reputation that is has long deserved, but standing right next to it, slightly more in the shadows, is a remarkable and exciting culture of food that while long-established and inseparable from the earliest days of the area on a grander scale (think the Salinas Valley), has recently been experiencing a renaissance of artisinal producers that are unique to the coast, valleys and history of these four counties.

This blog seeks to explore, experience and promote the small batch producers, craftsman, growers, chefs, restaurants and others that are part of this burgeoning scene, bringing them to light not only people who might otherwise travel past them unaware, but to highlight their unique places and contributions to this, California’s singular and enticing Middle Kingdom.